Kashama Eco Resort & Spa

KASHAMA ECO-RESORT & SPA It’s an exotic haven were  magic and wild, in harmony with comfort, merge to give space to a different Eco-Resort.

Has a unique architectural design, which engages nature without altering biodiversity. Our cabins and suites-bungalows are built with materials from the area and distributed to the environment of the waterfall, providing a private, unique, and relaxing space.

Is a different place for a casual lunch, we invite you to enjoy a delicious typical dish outside the banks of the lagoon, or if you have something more formal we have available restaurant "La Roca" surrounded by sounds of the waterfall and voices forest.

WATERFALL SPA “A temple of wellbeing and pleasure”
 Kashama has established treatment arising from natural springs, fruit leaves, mud and seeds. Abandon yourself to revive your body ... between facial and body massage; Podo and litho therapy, reflexology, mud, Scent and hydro therapy ... integral  and couple relaxation, specials of purification treatments, baths with wild herbs and spices.

We invite you to experiment multi-sensory practices with your business, combine the academic with the experiential, alternating with nature, work and entertainment. Our areas of housing, recreation and meeting rooms have all the facilities that your event requires.